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Protect your Fence, Shed, Cabin, Render and more...

When I was thinking about what to say in this, our 3rd blog, the sun is shining and Samual Jack's song "Feels like Summer" was humming in my know it's going to be in your head too now right?

As mentioned in the last blog, summer is almost upon us, we had our first BBQ of the season this weekend and talks of painting fences/sheds/cabins, house render and more was one of the topics of the day. Exciting I know! But when you know someone in the 'trade' you can't help but ask, and of course it's David's job which he is very passionate about, so it's only natural that it comes up in conversations with friends;

"So how's things going with work?"

"Good thanks, the summer jobs have started"

"Oh speaking of, my fence needs painting" and so on.

Over the next few months we have some outside work, and should the English weather play ball, we are very excited to get some much needed Vitamin D!

Just a few of our upcoming jobs:

Jet washing, spray painting fences and sheds. Repair garage door, front gate and then paint. As well as spraying a uPCV door.

Exterior refresh of a house render.

It’s not too late to get in touch for your outside works for this summer :-)

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